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3-year fully funded Phd position on just and inclusive wind power development on- and off-shore

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At NTNU, dept. of interdisciplinary studies of culture, we have a 3-year fully funded Phd position in science and technology studies (STS) focusing on just and inclusive wind power development on and offshore. The PhD will be part of the centre for technology and society and the research group on energy and environment. More information on terms, requirements and how to apply here:

This PhD project is part of the newly established FME NorthWind (Norwegian Research Centre on Wind Energy).

The candidate will symmetrically study and explore two actor-networks surrounding contemporary wind power development in Norway. On the one hand, the PhD project will work to understand the development, organization and rationales of the multifaceted groups and alliances of actors that actively oppose further wind power developments. On the other hand, the project will focus on similar aspects for the diverse group of actors who promote further wind power development, including those that are active in FME NorthWind. These groups can both be interpreted as institutional entrepreneurs who seek to build broad storylines about the development of contemporary and future Norway, where wind power ends up playing radically different roles. A key aspect of the project is to understand how both actor-networks mobilize the notion of just transition, and to explore what this means for the actor-networks in distributional, procedural and recognition-based terms. Examples of potential issues and research questions includes, but are not limited to:

  • Who are recognized as legitimate participants in innovation, planning, and implementation, and on which terms are they understood to be so?
  • What are the key competing storylines about burdens and benefits around wind power and which roles do these narratives play in current transition processes?
  • Which are the key positions where  interpretations of trade-offs between sustainability goals diverge, including between different researchers?

Please feel free to distribute to potentially interested candidates!

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