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Monash University PhD Scholarship in Social Science: ‘Household and community innovations for low waste cities’

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This PhD scholarship is funded as an important part of an ARC funded project Household innovation and the transition to the low waste city conducted by A/Prof Ruth Lane, Prof Jo Lindsay, A/Prof Dharma Arunachalm, Prof Rob Raven and Prof Annica Kronsell. The project is designed to provide solutions to Australia’s urban waste crisis. Long-term solutions require new strategies to reduce waste generation and, to be effective, these will need the engagement and active participation of households. This project examines the capacity for experimentation and innovation in households for transitioning to low waste cities. It integrates studies of demographic profiles of household waste generation, household low waste experiments and policy rationales and co-design to propose realistic pathways for decreasing waste generation. The research outcomes are critical for understanding and supporting low waste transition pathways. The knowledge developed will support urban sustainability transitions in Australia and internationally.

The successful applicant will join the research team and contribute to the wider project but will also have their own distinct project to lead. The provisional title of the PhD project is: Household and community innovations for low waste cities. The project will explore the connections between household and community innovations; the ways in which households interact with their communities to facilitate low waste living. For example, this may include initiatives around resource sharing such as toy libraries, or tool libraries, or informal practices such as neighbourhood resource sharing or composting to reduce overall resource consumption, or community led initiatives to reduce packaging in commercial retail. The candidate will be encouraged and supported to undertake a Swedish/Australian comparison under the mentorship of the Supervisors Dr Ruth Lane and Prof Jo Lindsay and international Partner Investigator Prof Annica Kronsell.

Closing date: Wednesday 31 March 2021, 11:55pm AEDT


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