Fri. Dec 4th, 2020

Want to get HIRED in 2020? Then let’s go……!

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Job Search 2020

Its a new year with many plans and hopes to get employed. Sum together are some tips to getting you hired this year by Kirsty Bonner

1. Have a LinkedIn Profile that makes you shine.

2. Have a resume that focuses on hard skills, transferable skills and achievements.

3. Have a keyword optimized resume for each online job application (use Tagcrowd).

4. Have a tailored cover email for each resume submitted directly to a recruiter or hiring manager.

5. Work with good recruiters.

6. Be researched and prepared for interviews.

7. Don’t fake it in your resume or interviews.

8. Use C.A.R.L. technique for behavioral question responses.

9. Follow up with a “thank you” after interviews.

10. Dress the part.

11. Have a positive attitude.

12. Don’t trash former employers.

13. Keep searching between interviews.

14. Network online but especially in person.

15. Contact former colleagues and family.

16. Have references on standby.

17. Know what your salary expectation is.

18. Be psychologically prepared to hear “no” and face rejection.

19. Take nothing personally.

20. Engage in self-care.

In 2020, make Job Search your job until you find one, and if you want to be hirable, you need to make yourself desirable!. I know that you have incredible skills and experience.

SHOWCASE them to employers!

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